In August of 2015, Bonita Money was contacted by her best-friend of many years, Princess Inge Hazebrook. She had been diagnosed with MRSA   after a breast surgery. After 54 days of treatment of Vancomycin, the strongest antibiotic currently on the market, and 3 surgeries to cut away the deadly drug resistant bacteria. Inge was close to death and desperately trying to avoid amputation. Out of desperation, Inge  started to research cures for this super bug and found that Cannabis was quite effective with bacterial diseases.

  Bo immediately researched the deadly bacteria and the possible organic herbal cures.

  A fellow Cannapreneur from Maine, Michele Bell, had recently sent her a sample of a topical cream said to treat many ailments, including MRSA. After assessing Michele's ingredients, Bo's information led her to add critical oil extracts for fighting bacteria. Those oils paired with the amazing healing properties of cannabis cured the deadly MRSA as well as the secondary infection of Strnotrophonas Maltophilia that Inge also contracted while in the hospital.

   The two jars were key to her complete healing because not only did Inge have an open wound, it had also infiltrated her blood system. By day 3, of using the cream, Inge was bacteria free. By day 10, the skin began to rejuvenate itself and grow back without any scabbing. Inge's doctor and home health nurse were amazed and wanted to meet the person responsible for the impossible!

  The doctor who originally said there was no choice, but to amputate and was adamant about her needing skin grafts; was now  recommending "That Glass Jar" as her continued treatment.

  The origin of the name stems from Inge's viral posting on social media and  ranting and raving about the stuff in "that glass jar". Everyone would ask her, "What is in That Glass Jar"? What's in that glass jar? 
I want it" Hence came the name, "That Glass Jar"

DAY 1: Accident

Bonita Money

"I don't care how embarrassing the little pic is because U all know I was sick, but look how ‪#‎ThatGlassJar cream healed my skin also! Not just the mrsa but my whole skin top to toe is healed from the rash from bad meds, and I didn't use a filter on pics so yall can see the truth. I love it when a product works cause most things I buy are a lie."

Princess Inge

Michele Bell

Our Story

Princess Inge Hazebreook

DAY 3: Accident

DAY 7: Accident

Disclaimer: That Glass Jar does not make any medical claims. Actual results may vary with each individual.